Propolis Power for Immune Support

Thursday, 02 April 2020 | Journey

Discover the Power of Bee Propolis 

Modern living can put a lot of pressure on your immune system (think stress, poor sleep, travel, overtraining, overworking, processed foods, pollution…). Addressing these factors where possible through lifestyle changes is important but can take time, so providing some extra immune support is a smart move 

Luckily the clever honeybee provides the perfect solution. 

Bee Propolis  Natural Wonder 

Bee products are remarkable natural substances packed with supportive nutrients and complex natural compounds that work with our body to support total wellbeing.  

Bee propolis has been used since ancient times as a powerful protective substance and is now being validated by modern science for its extraordinary natural qualities. 

Made by bees to protect and defend their hive, research shows Propolis provides immune support and antioxidant properties that offer broad support for immunity and overall wellbeing.   

New Zealand Propolis has been shown to be particularly powerful due to the extremely high levels of specific natural bioactives that are responsible for its protective properties. 


Manuka Health uses only premium New Zealand Propolis, incorporated in our range of natural immune wellbeing products to provide the support your immune system needs. 

BIO New Zealand Propolis provides pure, concentrated high strength propolis in both liquid and capsule form. 

Immune Guard combines New Zealand Propolis with the ancient power of Reishi Mushroom and the essential immune nutrient Zinc to help keep defences strong. If you’re feeling run down and under pressure Immune Guard helps build resilience when under stress and boosts immune resistance. 

Immune Response is a powerful combination of New Zealand Propolis, Echinacea, Elderberry, Zinc and Vitamin C to provide hard hitting support when under attack, supporting our natural immune response and providing extra defence when needed. Immune Response starts working quickly to help ward off ills and chills and speed recovery.  

Manuka Honey & Propolis Oral Spray and Lozenges are convenient options when on the go, perfect when travelling to provide support whenever needed.