Manuka Honey for a Natural Sports Boost

Wednesday, 02 October 2019 | Journey


If you’re a sportsperson - whether weekend warrior, a daily gym-goer or hard core athlete - you’ll know there’s often a need for an energy boost to get you going, or to sustain you while training or competing.

You may already be familiar with the various sports gels and energy or recovery products on the market, however many people are not aware that most of these products contain highly processed refined sugars and carbohydrates, preservatives, colours, flavours and other synthetic ingredients that can be pretty tough on the body.
In contrast, pure Manuka honey is a 100% natural energy shot, just as nature intended. The sugars in Manuka honey are mostly glucose and fructose. Glucose is absorbed faster to provide a quick acting energy boost, while fructose has a slower more sustained effect on blood sugar levels to support energy needs over a longer time. This means you get a more prolonged energy lift without the crash.
Importantly, high quality honey contains naturally occurring trace nutrients and antioxidants which aid the body’s absorption and utilisation of sugars, and support the body during exercise. Refined sugars and carbohydrates have all this stripped away, so all you get is a sugar hit without the supporting nutrients the body needs to metabolise sugar and to manage blood sugar levels in a healthy way.1
Research has shown honey aids athletic performance and recovery, glucose metabolism, immune cell activity and reduces oxidative stress in active people. 1,2,3,4,5
Sport places high demands on the body, so it makes sense to choose natural, wholefoods that support the body. Manuka honey is a great natural energy boost for pre-workout, during prolonged activity and endurance sports, and to aid post-workout recovery.

MGO™100+ Manuka Honey single serve snap packs are perfect for sportspeople, or anyone looking for a natural wholefood energy boost on the go. These convenient travel packs fit easily in your pocket, bag or in the kid’s lunchboxes.

Simply snap and squeeze for a teaspoon of delicious premium Manuka honey, or dissolve into water to make a completely natural replenishing drink.

2. rehydration with honey drink improves running performance and glucose metabolism compared to plain water
3. Honey attenuates oxidative stress and lymphocyte DNA damage after exercise
4. Aerobic dance and honey supplementation may have potential to enhance immune functions in women.