BIO New Zealand Propolis sets a new standard in Propolis quality


BIO New Zealand Propolis has our researchers pretty excited by its potential for human health.

Working with leading scientists, our research has identified the most powerful bioactives responsible for the impressive immune support and antioxidant properties of New Zealand Propolis.

BIO New Zealand Propolis is the only propolis tested and certified for these key bioactives (to get technical, we’re talking about 16 specific bioactive flavonoids and caffeates that have been shown to be active in the body).

Our advanced testing ensures you get a pure concentrated propolis extract with guaranteed high strength bioactives in every dose.

Not all Propolis is equal - It's all about the Bioactives

The protective power of propolis comes from the bioactives.

Propolis products claiming only the amount of raw propolis with no mention of bioactives tell you nothing about the strength of the product. Raw propolis contains a lot of wax and impurities and may have very low levels of bioactives.

Think of it like a lump of rock which may or may not have any gold in it.

To ensure you are getting ‘gold’ look for propolis that certifies the amount of bioactives on the label (flavonoids and caffeates are the important ones).