Enjoying the benefits of Manuka on a low-sugar diet

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 | Journey

If you’re avoiding sugar you may be thinking Manuka honey is off the menu.  Manuka Honey with CycloPower™ changes all that - its a low GI alternative. 

GI (Glycemic Index) relates to the rate at which carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and are absorbed into the blood from your gut. Foods with high GI index's can result in the all too familiar sugar high, followed by a crash. Low GI foods have a low sugar impact and help maintain stable blood sugar levels, now recognised as a very important health factor.  CycloPower™ is a 100% natural plant fibre that is scientifically proven to enhance the natural properties of manuka honey and support digestive health. CycloPower™ dramatically lowers the glycemic index (GI) of Manuka honey - from a moderate 57 to a very low GI of 18.

To put that into perspective - green peas have a GI of 54, carrots have a GI of 39 and cashews have a GI of22. You can see some more Glycemic index values of common foods here.

Our Cyclopower product has enabled us to provide you with all the benefits of MGO™ Manuka Honey, but without the higher GI that honey typically has. As an added bonus, CycloPower™ also provides the prebiotic benefits of dietary fibre, promoting beneficial gut flora and a healthy digestive system.

Manuka Honey with CycloPower™ offers a great alternative for Manuka honey fans looking to reduce their sugar intake, and is also the perfect solution when travelling - Manuka honey powder sachets are much more convenient than a heavy pot of honey in your bag! Each sachet of powder is easily mixed into water, smoothies or sprinkled over your breakfast bowl to deliver targetted, sustained release Manuka honey in the stomach plus prebiotic and probiotic benefits further down your gastrointestinal tract.