Liver Detox is ideal if you’re feeling sluggish or ‘toxic’, have skin or digestive complaints like bloating or bowel irregularity, or for anyone who overindulges or is living in a polluted environment.

Liver Detox combines the protective properties of New Zealand Bee Propolis with high strength Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Dandelion Root and Selenium for essential detoxification support and healthy liver and digestive function.

BEE MAGIC | New Zealand Propolis

Bee Propolis is nature’s powerful protector, made by bees to safeguard their hive. This complex natural ingredient provides the same protective foundation for human health. New Zealand Propolis contains high levels of bioactives that provide antioxidant protection to support the liver.

TARGETED CARE | Milk Thistle, Turmeric & Dandelion Root

Milk Thistle is recognised as the number one herb to support healthy liver function, digestion and detoxification. Each Liver Detox capsule contains high strength Milk Thistle with guaranteed levels of the important active compoundSilymarin.

Turmeric has long been used for its supportive properties for liver health and digestive function.Turmeric provides antioxidant activity and supports digestive processes. Liver Detox provides a guaranteed amount of the active curcuminoids in every capsule.

Dandelion Root is a traditional liver herb with a long history of use to gently support liver and digestive function.


Selenium is an essential mineral known to be deficient in New Zealand soils.​ It is necessary for liver, immune and thyroid health and is vital for antioxidant protection and detoxifying processes in the body.


- Powerful detoxification & liver tonic

- Supports digestive function & regularity

- Natural antioxidant protection

- High Strength Milk Thistle equiv. 12,700mg per cap

- Convenient 1-a-day formulation

At Manuka Health we are specialists in bee products.

Our unique range combines the special health promoting benefits of bee products with proven ingredients and vital nutrients for total wellness. We believe in the power of these extraordinary natural ingredients to help protect and restore our wellbeing in an increasingly stressful and depleting world.