How to use Mānuka Honey for Natural Wellbeing

Tuesday, 14 December 2021 | Kim Bulder

Honey has been used since ancient times as a nourishing natural food and topical healing remedy, and modern science has confirmed the extraordinary natural qualities of New Zealand Manuka honey. 

MGO – The Power of Manuka Honey 

New Zealand Manuka has a long history as a respected medicinal plant, with different parts traditionally used by the New Zealand Maori people as a remedy for skin and digestive ailments, coughs, colds, throat and oral care.  

It’s the nectar from the Manuka flower that makes Manuka honey so special. MGO, the key compound responsible for the potency of Manuka honey, is naturally formed in the honey from the Manuka nectar. 

The higher the MGO level, the higher the potency of the honeyThis is why choosing a Manuka honey that has been certified for MGO content is so important, so you know exactly what you are getting 

Here's a guide to help you select the right potency  for your needs: 

How to Use Manuka Honey 

Manuka honey is a delicious natural wholefood perfect for the whole family (over the age of 1 year). It’s so versatile and easy to include into your daily routine: 

  • Enjoy straight from the spoon 
  • Dilute in water to refresh during or after exercise or fluid loss 
  • Add to smoothies, or drizzle over yogurt, granola, or your favourite breakfast 
  • Perfect as a soothing natural sweetener in tea or coffee 
  • Also great for DIY beauty to smooth, soothe, heal and hydrate your skin 

Manuka honey delivers plenty of natural goodness regardless of the MGO/UMF level you choose. It can be taken daily or as required for more targeted needs, and is a family favourite to support winter wellbeing. 

MGO & UMF Certification – The Ultimate Assurance  
  • Manuka Health Manuka Honey carries both MGO and UMF certification to provide the ultimate assurance of the potency, quality and authenticity for each and every jar. 
  • The MGO number tells you the guaranteed minimum MGO content in the honey. 
  • The UMF mark provides independent certification of MGO content as well as quality and authenticity.  
  • For both MGO and UMF, the higher the number the higher the potency and grade of the honey. 
  • To carry the MGO and UMF marks the honey must be rigorously tested and meet strict requirements.  
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