New Zealand Propolis – Nature’s Protective Shield from the Tree to the Bee… to Us

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

New Zealand’s unique environment produces powerful natural plant compoundsThe challenging weather patternsclear air, remote location and high UV exposure means the plant life in New Zealand is pushed to develop extra protection and resilience to thrive in these conditions.  

Scientific research confirms that many of the compounds produced by New Zealand plants have unique properties that may offer significant benefit for human health. And the honeybee turns out to be the perfect value-adding ‘middleman’. 

The nectar of the Manuka plant is one good example. Manuka nectar is collected by bees and made into Manuka honey. It’s the nectar that is responsible for the methylglyoxal (MGO) content in Manuka honey – the natural compound that makes Manuka honey so much more potent than other honey 

Another prime example is the sticky resin produced by certain trees to protect the buds, leaves and bark from environmental injury. Bees utilise the protective power of this tree resin, collecting it and mixing it with wax to form propolis (sometimes called ‘bee glue’) which they use to seal and protect the hive from invasion and infection. Some experts consider propolis the immune system of the hive. 

Interestingly, the protective properties of propolis that are so important for both the tree and the bee can also provide the same powerful support for human health. 

Scientific research shows high quality propolis can support healthy immune function, provide antioxidant protection and promote healing 

The Importance of Origin 

Propolis can differ greatly depending on the region of the world it comes from – it is a highly complex natural substancthat is a result of the environment it is made in.  

Callaghan Innovation has been working with Manuka Health to understand the composition and bioactivity of New Zealand propolis, which is known to contain exceptionally high levels of bioactives (natural compounds that have an effect in the body). 

The research has uncovered specific compounds (flavonoids and caffeates) that are highly bioactive and contribute significant protective qualitiesin particular a modulating effect on the immune system and powerful antioxidant activity.   

This research has allowed Manuka Health to develop advanced testing to certify the bioactivity and potency of our New Zealand Propolis.  

Not all Propolis is Equal 

The only way to really know the quality and potency of propolis is through scientific testing to assess the presence and amount of bioactives. It is these bioactives that deliver the powerful health benefits, so it is important to select a product that guarantees the amount you will get in each dose.  

Manuka Health BIO New Zealand Propolis is tested and certified to contain guaranteed levels of these powerful natural bioactives in every dose for optimal results. 




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Propolis Power for Immune Support

Propolis Power for Immune Support

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