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Ever wonder why some people get sick every year while others have never taken a day off sick in their life? At the centre of whether we get sick (or even how severely and how long it takes to recover) is our wonderfully complex immune system. 

The fact is, we are all regularly challenged by potential invaders. Whether they become a problem for us or not depends largely on the state of our immune function - and there is a lot we can do to keep our immunity in top form. 

Support your first line of defence 

The nose, eyes, mouth and throat are at the front line of our immune resistance. These areas are exposed to the outside world and have built-in mechanisms to help protect against invasion of any bugs and foreign particles. Thnatural fluids that coat these areas, and the health of the underlying tissues, are vitally important. If these areas dry out or are otherwise compromised our defences are impaired (think air conditioning, mouth breathingdehydration, poor nutrition, smoking or air pollution). 

  • Stay well hydrated drink plenty of pure water throughout the day along with restorative herbal teasChamomile, Ginger and Licorice are all soothing and protective, and are perfectly enhanced with a spoonful of Manuka honey. 
  • Natural lozenges and throat sprays can help soothe the mouth and throat, prevent dryness and aid defences. 
  • Keep hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth to avoid introducing any foreign particles. 
  • Blink! Air-conditioning and too much screen time dry our eyes out. Regular blinking is our bodies way of keeping the eyes cleansed and protected. 

Whole body support 

To help build strong immune defences we need ‘whole body support’. The immune system doesn’t work alone – mental and physical stress, poor diet and bad sleep habits can all decrease immune function, reducing resistance and making us more prone to illness.  

While we are all affected by the strains of modern living, there are many ways we can build our resistance and maintain wellbeing. 

  • Prioritise sleep – sleep is when we repair and recover from the strains of our waking life. 
  • Nutrition  focus on a wholefood diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, whole fruit, quality protein (fish, pasture raised eggs, meat, nuts and seedsand minimise processed, packaged and refined foodsthis promotes a healthy gut microbiome which is vital for healthy immune function. 
  • De-stress in nature – if possible get out in nature every day. This helps us destress and stimulates natural mechanisms in the body that help balance the immune and nervous systems.  

Propolis - Nature’s Immune Defence 

Supported by both traditional use and modern science, Propolis can be a powerful ally to keep our immune systems fighting fit. 

Propolis is a natural product made by bees from plant resins. Bees use propolis as the immune system of the hive to protect the whole hive and guard against disease. 

Research shows that us humans can also benefit from its protective properties. Used since ancient times for its protective effects, modern research has confirmed Propolis has powerful immune support and antioxidant properties.  

Propolis supports resistance and resilience and works with the body to help restore healthy immunity and wellbeing. 

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