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Our Bees


Bees are not only responsible for wonderful natural products like honey, Propolis and Royal Jelly, but they also play an essential role in the world’s ecosystem. It is vital to protect and respect the bees.

At Manuka Health we are passionate about our hardworking bees and committed to making our high grade range of New Zealand honeys sustainably. We work with our landowners and beekeepers to make sure that our bees are nourished, nurtured and protected all year round, whilst they are hard at work making our delicious Manuka Health honey and other bee products.

Because we access remote, pristine environments, there is very little risk of herbicides and pesticides being present in the environment - which is one of the biggest risks to bee health. And of course we also test the honey to ensure it is free of pesticides, antibiotics and other contaminants.



We are passionate about our hardworking bees and have a
deep respect for the beauty and purity of the land

Our Beekeepers

Our beekeeping team are some of the most experienced in New Zealand. Led by our Master Beekeeper David Campbell, we have a growing team of dedicated beekeepers focusing on producing top quality Manuka honey, New Zealand Gourmet honey, Propolis and Royal Jelly.

We are committed to: -

  • Hive health and nutrition – ensuring our bees are looked after all year round
  • Wintering programmes  - keeping our hives protected and fed when they are not busy making our honey
  • No antibiotics used in our hives
 Meet Dave - our Master Beekeeper

Dave became a beekeeper at 15 years of age, after his Great Uncle Keith gave him a dozen hives on the family farm. The first time he opened a hive the sound and smells had him captured.

Bees have been part of his life ever since. Working the hives is his ‘happy place’ and he is even teaching his 4 year old daughter to keep bees. A qualified Vet, Dave now holds the position of General Manager of Apiculture and Master Beekeeper at Manuka Health.



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