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New Zealand’s unique and isolated environment creates plant life with powerful natural compounds that have remarkable health transforming potential.

We are a proudly New Zealand born & based company, and work with land owners to find the very best parts of New Zealand to source our honey. These are the places that are remote and dense with Manuka, so that the bees focus on gathering nectar from the Manuka tree and not other plants.

Most of our sites are situated in the North Island due to the optimal weather conditions, however we are starting to find fantastic Manuka sites in the South Island too.


New Zealand’s unique and isolated environment creates plant life with powerful natural compounds. 

Flexible and Diverse Sourcing

We source from remote, dense Manuka bush across the North Island and upper South Island of New Zealand, using advanced technology and helicopters to access the most isolated sites.

We have 20,000 of our own hives, with the rest of our Manuka and Gourmet honey, New Zealand Propolis and fresh Royal jelly sourced from long-standing supplier relationships or on the open market.

And we are using bespoke technology – Manuka Health’s GIS Bloom monitoring app - to help us understand how to get the best from our bees and Manuka. This helps to guide our hive placement and timing decisions, as well as builds critical information for nationwide Manuka bloom timing. 

Partnering for Long Term Sustainability

Manuka Health works in collaboration with Maori landowners across New Zealand to improve the productivity and revenue from their whenua (native land).

As part of the New Zealand Government’s ‘1 Billion Trees’ programme, Manuka Health is proud to partner with Te Roroa Farms in a long term partnership to plant Manuka in the Northland region.

Starting in 2018 with the planting of 55,000 native Manuka seedlings which will be able to produce Manuka honey in 3-5 years, the planting will continue over the next 10 years to cover over 500 hectares. Northland is known for its high grade Manuka honey which produces high levels of MGO.

manuka health bee keeper plants manuka trees for sustrainability

land owners and bee keepers working together with manuka health for sustrainability

Providing both environmental and economic benefits, these Manuka tree plantations help regenerate deforested or unproductive land and will grow the Manuka honey industry, generating regional economic and employment benefits.

The Te Roroa planting is one of a growing number of co-investments in Manuka planting that Manuka Health is making across New Zealand to support the future growth of the Manuka Honey industry.

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