6 Natural Immunity Boosters For The Family

Friday, 08 December 2017


It's hard enough to be productive with healthy children running around the home, let alone when they are unwell.  Responding to calls for "muuuuum" throughout the day to wipe snotty noses and deliver hot drinks can be draining, which is why the easiest solution is to avoid illness in the first place.

Cold and Flu bugs can strike at any time of year, and as you probably know the bugs kids bring home from school or daycare can take down the whole family. While the bugs will always be out there, taking good care of ourselves so our immune system can fight off bugs before they settle in and cause illness.

Here are 7 tips for boosting your family's immune system:

Get enough rest

 During sleep is when we repair and regenerate. Insufficient or poor quality sleep means our immune defences are impaired and we are more like to succumb to bugs that we may otherwise have been able to fight off.

Eat plenty of nutrient-packed fresh foods

Homemade smoothies and soups are a great way to sneak a whole variety of fresh fruit, veggies and quality protein into even the fussiest eaters. Get the kids involved, if they help make it they tend to be more inclined to eat it! Let food be thy medicine...


It might sound like strange immune boosting advice but laughter has been shown to decrease stress and improve immune function. And it’s just plain fun to do.

What if preventative measures don't work?

Sometimes we just get sick - it happens. Medsafeadvise that many medications, including cough syrups aren't safe for children under 6, so home remedies can be helpful in fighting the symptoms of illness too. 

Honey throat soothers

Natures medicine. It's a traditional soothing favourite, suitable for adults and children over 1 year of age. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends honey and lemon drinks, and in a trial comparing honey to cough medicine parents rated honey better.

Mix manuka honey, lemon, cinnamon and some freshly grated ginger with warm water for a soothing, sippable remedy. Alternatively, you can try our MGOTM 400+ Manuka Honey throat lozenges that come in 4 flavours (Honey & lemonHoney & Propolis, Lemon & Ginger and Blackcurrant).

Salt water gargle 

Salt water gargles are great for raw sore throats. Try ¼-½ tsp of sea salt or rock salt dissolved in a cup of warm water and gargled regularly.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated by consuming water, teas, smoothies and soups - don’t drink the salt water gargle! A dehyrated body will take longer to fight off infection than a hydrated one. Remember - you need to flush out the bad stuff somehow! 

Sleep it off

  If at all possible, now is the time to take time off work or school and rest up as much as possible. By not overexerting ourselves we allow the body to use as much energy as possible to fight off the illness.

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